First English Lutheran Church

Leadership Team

​First English has formulated a strategic plan focused on activities organized under six teams – Worship/Music, Youth, Hospitality, Property, Finance, and Neighborhood. Neighborhood activities are a part of our ongoing "Center for Hope" which continues to be a strong partnership of colleges, partner churches, neighborhood representatives, and FELC members. 

Worship and Music Led by Debra Brown and James Blackmon

​To ensure diverse appropriate opportunities of involvement for all members and neighbors to grow in their faith individually and collectively. Contact James at james-blackmon@sbcglobal.net to get involved. Debra's contact details are forthcoming.

Youth Led by Lavinia Meeks

​To provide a safe environment for all children and their parents to grow in knowledge, social skill development, and Biblical understanding. Contact details for Lavinia are forthcoming.

Hospitality​ Led by Jeff Lucky

​To provide opportunities for FELC to welcome everyone in order to develop a large, diverse congregation and wide involvement in a variety of programs and activities. Contact Jeff at jlucky97@gmail.com to get involved.

Property Led by John Fetters

​​To maintain, and enhance where possible, FELC building and grounds. Contact John at johnlfetters@me.com to get involved.

Finance Led by Sara Neikirk

​​To ensure a strong financial position in order to make our mission and vision come alive within the congregation and neighborhood. Contact Sara at sneikirk@columbus.rr.com to get involved.

Center for Hope ​Led by Rick Bradley from All Saints

To provide a forum for diverse partners to explore new ways to interact and address identified community issues. Contact Rick at creativityrb@yahoo.com to get involved. 

Communication Led by Josh Saleska

​To create and maintain processes for maximizing current/accurate information flow to members, partners and community. Contact Josh at josh.saleska@gmail.com to get involved.

Each Team has several proposed activities and welcomes additional ideas from everyone. Sarah Gomar (sarahegomar@gmail.com) and Sara Neikirk (sneikirk@columbus.rr.com) will gladly answer any questions or help you get connected. Teams will only meet as necessary and meeting dates will be in church bulletin.


Pastor Sally Padgett

The Rev. Sally Padgett was the associate pastor with FELC in 2015, and we are blessed to have her back as the lead pastor of our congregation.

Lavinia Meeks

Mrs. Meeks is the youth leader at FELC. She provides a safe environment for all children and their parents to grow in knowledge, social skill development, and Biblical understanding.

​​​Lydia Browning
​Lydia is in charge of running the bike shop. You can read more about the bike shop here.