First English Lutheran Church

Social Ministries

Bible Studies

All are welcome to come take part in an in-depth discussion of the Gospel text and share ideas about what it means in the context of today's world. There are bible study groups that meet:

  • ​Every Wednesday at 12:00 noon at First English Lutheran Church
  • Once a month on a specified Monday at 7:00 PM (ask Sara Neikirk about which day and where to meet). 

Mom's Day Out
On the second Saturday of each month, Mom's gather together, share a meal, build community and explore issues that face today's mothers.

Green Team
The Green Team faithfully responds to the call and care of God's creation by continuously monitoring and tracking utilities (electric, gas, and water) as well as run a recycling program at the church. They make reports and recommendations to FELC's Leadership Team to manage utility costs and reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. They also educate those interested about the ways that churches can be more environmentally friendly. Donate to our CLEANER GREENER campaign ​here. ​​

Bike Shop

​Thanks to partners and neighbors, we’re opening a Bike Shop. The shop will also provide for-profit repairs. Ken Grace, from Bexley UMC, has been and will continue to provide us with bikes. A few friends from All Saints are ready to help us set up and run the shop. 

Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous

These meetings can be attended by anyone, not just people who suffer from addiction. Narcotics anonymous meets on Mondays at 4:30 PM and AA meets on Saturdays at 8 PM.